Daintree Cassowaries


To observe a Southern Cassowary in its natural habitat of moist, dark rainforest is an unforgettable life changing experience.

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The Cassowary population that exists in the Douglas Shire area has been described as one of the most significant in the Wet Tropics and world wide.

Maintaining a Cassowary Sighting Database is vital for the preservation of this significant population.

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The cassowary faces a variety of threats…

The Cassowary is listed as an endangered species by both the Queensland State and Federal Governments as a consequence of a variety of threats to its future survival:

  • Clearing of our coastal forests for agriculture with the consequent reduction and fragmentation of vital habitat
  • domestic dogs and traffic
  • pollution of waterways, along with direct threats from feral pigs
  • ever increasing consequences of a warming planet and the effects this will have on tropical forests in the future

We support Rainforest Rescue

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Our group members support and assist the conservation organisation, Rainforest Rescue, in its work to protect rainforest blocks from development as well as to rehabilitate some of the degraded landscape.

...but has a strong voice

Local conservationists with the assistance of Rainforest Rescue continue to be a strong voice for cassowaries to lessen threats by:

  • Lobbying governments for greater habitat protection and restoration
  • Working with local government to mitigate traffic incidents, improve domestic dog control and maintain feral pig reduction programs
  • Maintaining a sightings data base for the region                                                    
  • Encouraging funding for research to increase our knowledge base particularly towards improving population data
  • Discouraging inappropriate feeding and human interactions
  • Keeping the public informed about the importance of cassowary

Daintree Cassowaries would like to acknowledge financial assistance from Terrain Natural Resource Management.

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The group also extends thanks to Interface Creation for enthusiastic support and design skills.

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